AUAP Goodwill Ambassadors,

Deadline September 30, 2024


The Secretariat is pleased to inform you about the AUAP Goodwill Ambassadors initiative, which has been a significant achievement project fostering the association since the institution of the 13th President of AUAP, 

We invite and encourage members to nominate one  ( 1 representative from your institution to serve as an AUAP Goodwill Ambassador These ambassadors play a crucial role in working closely with the Secretariat to create value for AUAP members Their commitment to dedicating time and effort contributes to the development of our association .

Responsibilities of an AUAP Goodwill Ambassador :

1.      Devote Time and Efforts :  Actively contribute time and energy towards the growth and development of the AUAP .

2.      Financial Contributions :  Be ready to support the AUAP Secretariat financially, whether through regular donations, one - time gifts, or participation in fundraising campaigns .

3.      Fundraising Assistance :  Assist in organizing fundraising events and campaigns to generate financial support for the AUAP Secretariat .

4.      Advocate for AUAP ’ s Vision :  Promote the vision and goals of the AUAP, emphasizing higher education, international collaboration, and cultural exchange .

5.      Promote International Friendship :  Engage in missions that foster international understanding on behalf of the AUAP .

6.      Represent AUAP Internationally :  Act as the AUAP representative at international meetings, conferences, and events .

7.      Participate in AUAP Functions :  Attend conferences, seminars, workshops, and official gatherings to stay informed about the association ’ s activities .

8.      Travel for AUAP Missions :  Be prepared to represent the AUAP at various international venues, building global partnerships .

By fulfilling these responsibilities, an AUAP Goodwill Ambassador significantly contributes to our mission of promoting higher education and fostering international cooperation and friendship .

In conclusion, the Secretariat encourages members to nominate candidates who can work closely with us in shaping the future of the association   Please submit the formal letter of nomination ( attached ) , along with a brief biodata and a picture of your candidate, to the Secretariat by August 31, 2024  

For more information, feel free to contact Ms Supaporn Chuangchid, Executive Secretary of AUAP through email : secretariat@auap . org or Phone/WhatsAPP / Telegram / Viber at   + 66 85 768 7474 .

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the AUAP community .

AUAP Secretariat