CATEGORIES BENEFITS The First Two Years Membership Fees

Offers professional training seminars and lectures from experts in fields directly affecting internationalization.

Provides both private and public sectors a single point of contact for Universities across Asia and the Pacific.

Connects universities to the leading edge of innovation through partnerships with incubation centers.

Provides a platform to globalize student and staff camps, contests, competitions, exchanges, specialty training, and research.

USD $800

Exchange of professional experiences through conferences, seminars, publications, and commissions.

Promotes faculty and student exchange programs.

Helps streamline internationalization by providing professional assistance and international contacts with other members.

Establishes partnerships and networks among member universities.

    Highly effective cooperation on a regional scale.

    Co-sponsorship of seminars, workshops, symposia, and conferences.

    Promotes peace and international understanding through higher education.


    Engage with stakeholders of the higher education and other organizations to further the objectives of AUAP.

    USD $2,000

    Consultancy services.

    Preservation and enhancement of values and cultural diversity of Asia Pacific towards better understanding and cooperation socioeconomic development, and (universal) peace.



    1.       Before filling in the membership application form, please access the link to check if your institution/university has been a member of                                              AUAP:

    2.       After the Secretariat has received your application form, we will send you an invoice to process the payment of the membership fee(s).