AUAP Joint International Conference, International Conferences are held at least once a year, and are an ideal forum to network with other universities from around the worldSuch conferences provide an ideal setting to learn and share best practices with other universities, while celebrating and enjoying rich cultures from different countries.

Members of AUAP are actively encouraged to submit proposals to host AUAP Conferences in their respective countries/ universities.


AUAP General Assembly is held biannually.  In-between the General Assemblies, AUAP organizes Annual Conferences, and the Learning and Sharing ForaA regular feature of these conferences is signing of the Memoranda of Understanding (MO) among interested members looking for potential partners for collaboration.


AUAP Triennial Conference is held triennially in order to celebrate the association. A regular feature of these conferences is signing of the Memoranda of Understanding (MO) among interested members looking for potential partners for collaboration.


The AUAP is proud to present the AUAP Goodwill Ambassadors initiative, which has been a significant achievement project fostering the association since the institution of the 13th  President of AUAP. We invite and encourage members to nominate one (1) representative from your institution to serve as an AUAP Goodwill Ambassador. These ambassadors play a crucial role in working closely with the Secretariat to create value for AUAP members. Their commitment to dedicating time and effort contributes to the development of our association.

By fulfilling these responsibilities: , an AUAP Goodwill Ambassador significantly contributes to our mission of promoting higher education and fostering international cooperation and friendship.

In conclusion, the Secretariat encourages members to nominate candidates who can work closely with us in shaping the future of the association.


Preferably a doctorate or a Masters in the relevant field, aptitude and relevant act as a representative of AUAP to disseminate information about events and activities across its networks in order to get new AUAP Members.  Institutions are required to provide support for their representatives to attend AUAP Committee Meetings and Conferences. Furthermore, their presence at the relevant AUAP Committees Meetings and AUAP Conferences is mandatory; absence is not permitted except for exigencies where nominated representatives may be considered.


Benefits and Opportunities are listed below

1. An opportunity to volunteer and to collaborate closely with the Secretariat and broaden partnerships.

2. Benefit from reduced registration fees when attending AUAP Committee Meetings

    and Conferences.

3. In some cases, enjoy the perks of participating in AUAP events, including waived registration fees,

    complimentary tickets, accommodation, meals, as well as airport pickup and drop-off services.



Student and staff exchanges are arranged between the universities and the institutions that have formed partnerships through Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs).  Professorial exchanges are encouraged as a means of strengthening ties between such institutions.


An academic forum can be arranged by any member, and publicized through AUAPs vast membership and marketing database.  At these forum,  topics which are deemed important to the members are discussed.

Similar to Academic Forum, Learning and Sharing Forum focuses on discussions between higher educational leaders trying to address challenging issues that members are facingAUAP has developed programs that assist in this regard.  These are promoted and run concurrently with members as co-hosts.


The AUAP (Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific) Newsletter serves as a vital communication tool designed to keep member institutions and stakeholders informed, engaged, and connected. Its primary purposes are outlined as follow.

  1. Information Dissemination: Updates and News, Policy Changes, and  Member Achievements

  2. Promoting Collaboration: Opportunities for Partnerships, Networking and Event Announcements.

  3. Sharing Best Practices: Case Studies and Innovative Programs and Expert Opinions.

  4. Educational Resources: Research Findings and Educational Tools and Policy Papers.

  5. Student and Faculty Engagement:Exchange Programs, Scholarship Information and Competitions and Awards.

  6. Advocacy and Representation: Voice for Members, Policy Advocacy and Public Awareness.

In conclusion, the AUAP Newsletter is an essential resource for fostering communication, collaboration, and growth among member universities. By providing valuable information, promoting best practices, and offering opportunities for engagement, the newsletter helps to strengthen the AUAP community and enhance the overall quality of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region


The Center for Global Nonkilling (GCNK) in consultative status with the United Nations has 19 research committees that bring together some 800 scholars from over 300 Universities globally that are engaged in building non-killing peace initiatives for socio-economic, ecological, environmental and sustainable development.

There is a big geographic imbalance within the CGNK, with greater representation from Europe and the USA, and a very few numbers of universities being represented from the Asia-Pacific region.

AUAP has entered into an MOU with CGNK to play an instrumental role in turning this situation around, inviting academics from among its members who have research interests in the field of non-killing, violence-prevention, conflict resolution, and peace studies, and to take part in developmental and sustainability programs under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The research committees of CGNK will provide best tools for creative approaches, learning and academic collaboration and information sharing with the members of AUAP.  This will play important roles for all future collaborations between CGNK and AUAP, in keeping with AUAPs stated mission to promote universal peace and international understanding through education, and for socio-economic development and (universal) peace between nations.


This zoom forum aims to provide a venue for AUAP member schools to share their best practices, experiences and challenges. The 1st AUAP Zoom Forum is set for member institution to share their  best to effectively respond and recover from the worldwide crisis COVID-19.   With this, the Secretariat will invited representatives from AUAP Member Institution to join the said zoom forum.


The purpose is to promote and enhance mutually beneficial cooperation among educational institutions in relevant areas, ensure research collaboration, networking facility, mobility etc. among the member institutions of the AUAP and is dedicated to rendering such services to its member institutions. The initiative has been taken to encourage and facilitate the building of a research culture in order to achieve implementable research projects for capacity building of the members

The research funding initiative is a testimony to seriously implementing the mission of the AUAP which is to promote a culture of quality, innovation and research in the higher education sectors in the Asia and the Pacific region.


The AUAP Leadership Training Program at the UN offers a unique opportunity for young university personnel to enhance their leadership skills, academic knowledge, and cultural competence in a global context. By participating in this program, participants will be better equipped to take on key management positions and contribute to the advancement of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Program Objectives include important keys important: Leadership Development, Relational Skills Enhancement, Academic Excellence and Cultural Competence, ect.

Program Structure includes the following: Workshops and Seminars, Simulation Exercises, Panel Discussions, Cultural Activities and Networking Opportunities

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Participants should be young university personnel (academics, administrators, researchers, etc.) with demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to advancing higher education.

  • Proficiency in English is required, as the program will be conducted in English.

Application Process:

  • Interested individuals can apply through the official AUAP website, providing a statement of purpose, CV, and letters of recommendation.

  • Selection will be based on the applicant's qualifications, leadership potential, and commitment to the program objectives.


The AUAP  Faculty Development Program (FDP) is the inaugural edition of a comprehensive professional internationalization development initiative designed for faculty members from member institutions of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and other universities across global. The program is tailored to enhance the skills and knowledge of faculty members in key areas critical to modern higher education.

Key areas of focus are listed below:

1.      Internationalization in Higher Education in Various Topics: Internationalization in higher education is a multifaceted and dynamic process that enriches the academic environment, enhances institutional reputation, and prepares students and staff for a globalized world. By embracing internationalization, higher education institutions can foster innovation, cultural competence, and global citizenship

2.      Curriculum Development:

3.      Digital Teaching:

4.      Assessment:

5.      Research Methodologies:

Program Activities: Workshops, Seminars, Networking Events and Cultural Immersion Experiences ect.,

Aims of the Program focus on :Faculty Capacity Building, Including Global Collaborative Networks and Partnerships, Digital Transformation in Higher Education, Best Practices in Internationalization, Enhancing Cross-Cultural Competence and Research and Innovation in a Global Context, ect.,

By participating in the AUAP- FDP, faculty members will not only gain valuable professional skills but also contribute to the broader goal of advancing higher education in the Global through collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange.



The Asia-Pacific Faculty Development Program (APFDP), is the inaugural edition of a faculty development program. The program aims to provide professional development opportunities for faculty members from AUAP member institutions and other Asia-Pacific universities. Key areas include curriculum development, digital teaching, assessment, and research methodologies with activities such as workshops, seminars, networking events, and cultural immersion experiences.

Aims of the Program are listed below:

  • Faculty capacity building

  • Including Global Collaborative Networks and Partnerships

  • Digital Transformation in Higher Education

  • Best Practices in Internationalization

  • Enhancing Cross-Cultural Competence

  • Research and Innovation in a Global Context


Student competitions can be arranged and hosted by any member.  These events encourage excellence among students by exposing them to new cultures, ideas and innovations.  As part of AUAP activities, sports competition such as basketball and cricket, debates, cheerleading and English speech competitions have been added as future activities. AUAP members are encouraged to host and join the programs, which has immense impact on students in their future employability prospects and their future working lives. AUAP Secretariat will be happy to provide you further information on this program from time to time.


The purpose of this program is to enhance and identify student talents in related academic skills and abilities to provide a platform for students to test their knowledge in specific fieldsWe invite the Judges from the AUAP members Institution to present at the Second  Round and Final Round to ask the
Oral Questions.


The AUAP proudly presents the Global Youth Camp, an exciting program designed to bring together young people from around the world for an enriching experience of learning, cultural exchange, and personal development. The program aims to foster global citizenship, leadership skills, and intercultural understanding among the youth

The program targets students who are interested to see their personal growth in inclusive environments and observe how student development can impact global issues and global changes. Students will learn the principles of how to promote healthy development (youth, mentoring, mindset, build on the strengths and self-confidence). This program will also feature a variety of activities conducted outside the classroom to engage student leaders in student development projects and provide the opportunity to explore various member countries cultures.


The propose of hosting this   competition is  to  prepare member university students in sharpening their English in demonstrating their critical thinking and reasoning skills. It allows them to discuss complicated topics calmly, clearly and competently. Persuasion skills are involved as well as understanding the breadth of the topics. Creativity is encouraged by offering a broad range of alternatives. We also highlight the benefits of cooperation teamwork, comradeship. and cultural interconnection in daily lives.


The purpose is to enhance the skills of students in public speaking. It will be a very good opportunity for your students to gain substantial experience, showcase their skills and uncover personal aptitude and their talentsThrough this, students will be encouraged to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills.


English has emerged as the international language of wider communication, fundamentally shaping various spheres including education, business, trade, and commerce. Its pervasive influence underscores the necessity for individuals to master English in order to remain competitive and integrated in a rapidly globalizing world.

The role of English as a global lingua franca cannot be overstated. It is a vital tool that weaves the world into a single thread, enabling communication and collaboration across borders. For individuals to thrive in the modern world, learning and mastering English is not just beneficial but essential. It opens doors to educational and professional opportunities, fosters global understanding, and ensures that no one is left behind in the progressive force of globalization.

According to Ahmad (2016), we are now witnessing the emergence of an advanced economy based on information and knowledge and probably the most important skill for knowledge workers in the new environment is the ability to communicate both in writing and in speech. Hence, in order to achieve desired success, students need to assess and respond to communication situations that occur constantly.

This Extemporaneous Speech and Essay Writing Competition  provides a platform to student’s empowerment from all over the world as follows: Building Communication Skills and Confidence, Accurate and Precise Communication, International Exchange of Ideas, Global Friendships and Understanding.

This is open to all bona fide students from higher education institutions worldwide. Each participating college/university shall only have two (2) student contestants for the said competitions: one (1) for the Extemporaneous Speech category and one (1) for the Essay Writing category. No student shall be allowed to compete for both categories.

In conclusion, the English Language Program is structured to provide students with the skills, confidence, and opportunities necessary to excel in a global environment. By focusing on accurate communication, critical thinking, international exchange, and fostering global friendships, the program prepares students to effectively navigate and contribute to the interconnected world.


The AUAP Asia-Pacific Summer Program is a gateway to a world of learning, discovery, and personal growth. It is an opportunity to broaden your academic horizons, immerse yourself in new cultures, and build lifelong connections. Join us for an unforgettable summer experience in the vibrant and diverse Asia-Pacific region!

The AUAP  welcoming students from all around the world to come and join the Asia-Pacific Summer Program. Participants can choose and learn from any of the courses on Social Business, Ethical Hacking Concept and Mobile Journalism. Each of the courses weighs about 3 academic credits.


One of  an exciting and transformative program designed for young individuals from around the world. This camp offers a unique blend of educational, cultural, and recreational activities aimed at fostering global citizenship, leadership skills, and intercultural understanding among youth

The Global Youth Camp by AUAP is more than just a camp; it’s a journey of discovery, learning, and growth. It offers young individuals the chance to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new experiences, and develop the skills and mindset needed to become the global leaders of tomorrow. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that will inspire and empower you to make a difference in the world.

Join us in this unique opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the world while creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


AUAP promotes inter-university sports and cultural activities and competitions amongst its member to further the cause of cooperation and collaboration in the Asia and the Pacific region. Such activities foster a spirit of mutual respect and recognition amongst the youth of the region.


In order to ensure innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise, AUAP actively engages leaders from corporations and the industry to interact with the academic leaders and the universities of the region to develop partnerships that promote employability, cutting edge skilling and industry exchanges through immersion programs and internships in the best interest of students.


Student exchange programs are arranged between universities that have formed partnerships through their individual Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). The respective university members arrange these activities among themselves, and AUAP plays an important role in helping build bridges between members.

Under the Student Exchange Programs, AUAP provides a single point of contact to efficiently help and arrange the logistics of student exchanges to their desired destinations. This process is arranged directly with and through the individual partnerships developed between members. As a network of universities, AUAP can provide all the connections that are needed to internationalize your university.


AUAP plays a pivotal role in helping universities internationalize and form meaningful associations with global institutions. By expanding connections with private and public sectors, AUAP ensures that universities remain at the forefront of educational and research excellence. Through these efforts, universities can enhance their global reach, improve their academic offerings, and better prepare their students for the challenges of a globalized world. The AUAP facilitates valuable partnerships between member universities, governments, and industry leaders. These collaborations allow external parties to contribute insights and requirements, enabling universities to tailor their curricula and enhance employment opportunities for graduates. Here are the key opportunities that AUAP provides

By creating these opportunities for external collaboration, AUAP plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between academia and industry. This synergy not only enhances the quality of education but also ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the global job market. Through strategic partnerships and continuous dialogue with external stakeholders, AUAP member universities can deliver tailored educational programs that maximize employment opportunities for their students:

·         An opportunity to volunteer and to collaborate closely with the Secretariat and broaden


·         Benefit from reduced registration fees when attending AUAP Committee Meetings and


·         In some cases, enjoy the perks of participating in AUAP events, including waived

  registration fees, complimentary tickets, accommodation, meals, as well as airport pickup

  and drop-off services.

·         Offers professional training seminars and lectures from experts in fields directly affecting Internationalization.

·         Provides both private and public sectors a single point of contact for Universities across Asia and the Pacific.

·         Connects universities to the leading edge of innovation through partnerships with incubation centres.

·         Helps streamline internationalization by providing professional assistance and international contacts with other members.

·         Provides a platform to globalize student and staff camps, contests, competitions, exchanges,

specialty training and research.

·         Establishment of partnerships and networks among member universities

·          Promotion of faculty and student exchange

·         Consultancy services

·         Sponsorship of joint research projects

·         Organization of training programs such as WFUNA and CGNK

·         Exchange of professional experience through conferences, seminars, publications, and commissions.

·         To recognizing the need to relate education to the life and aspirations of the people.

·         To preserve and enhance the cultural, social and economic development of society for the people.

·         Regional contribute substantially of cooperation among university members to the improvement of national systems of higher education, economic and social development, human resources development and to mutual understanding and respect among people. 


·         Highly effective co-operation on a regional scale.


·         Sponsorship of joint research projects.

·         Co - sponsorship of seminar - workshop, symposia and conferences.

·          To Organize training programs.

·         The diversity of the institutions and systems of higher education of Asia and the Pacific constitutes a resource which can be drawn upon to the advantage of all concerned.

·         To enhance mutual co-operation among industrial institutions and enrich their role in teaching, research and services.

·         To promote justice, human dignity, progress and peace.

·         To complement those of international, sub-regional and national bodies concerned with higher education.

·         To promote a culture of quality and innovation in higher education, research and service to the Community.

·         To preserve and enhance the values and cultural diversity of Asia Pacific towards better understanding and cooperation for socioeconomic development and (universal) peace.

·          Engage with stakeholders of the higher education and other organizations to further the objectives of AUAP.

·         To promote peace and international understanding through education.