Priorities for 2023-2026

The fundamental areas that the association would like to focus more on in the coming years to enhance

higher education systems in the Asia Pacific region are:

• International and General Conferences: Designated locations for its International and General

Conferences  are: Bangladesh, China, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Middle-East, Philippines,

Thailand, USA, etc. 

• CGNK Programs:  To promote universal peace through education.

• Faculty Development & Faculty Exchange Programs: For Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.

• General Assembly Meeting: It is held bi-annually to promote international collaborations among

higher   education institutions.

• Global Leadership Program: It is organized regularly to enhance leadership, relational, academic,

and  cultural skills among students.

• Industry-Academia Collaboration: To foster collaborative efforts between industries and

institutions   toward   promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

• International Collaborations: To further develop strategic linkages with other higher education

organizations  globally.

• International Medical Conference: To promote innovations, networking among medical

practitioners, and  trends in various medical fields and health sciences.

• Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions: To help member institutions create and

expand  connections with other higher education institutions around the world.

• Learning and Sharing Forum:  To address key issues facing higher education institutions in the

21st  century.

•Leadership Development Program: For Presidents / Rectors / Chancellors/ Pro-Chancellors/

Administrators/Faculty, and Students.

•Research Funds: To promote research collaborations among member and non-member

institutions in  the  Asia Pacific region.

•Student Activities and Competitions: Student Academic Olympiad (SAO); Sports and Cultural

Activities  (SCA); Student Development Programme (SDP); Student English Debate Competition

(SEDC); Student  English  Speech Competition (SESC); Student Exchange Programme (SEP); Youth

Development Programme  (YDP).

Training / Seminars / Fora: To enhance the knowledge of administrators, faculty, and staff on

issues relevant to a specific field, and also equip them with the resources needed to progress

in their areas of specialization.

•Zoom Forum: A tool for member institutions to share their best practices, experiences, and