BLOCK THE DATE: The 17th AUAP General Conference
Jagran Lakecity University (JLU), Bhopal, India, November 18-20, 2024.

The Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), in cooperation with Jagran Lakecity University (JLU), Bhopal, India, would like to cordially invite you to join us on November 18-20, 2024 in Bhopal, India, for the 17th AUAP General Conference and General Assembly Meeting with the theme: “The Paradigm Shift in Higher education: Values of Life”.

This highly inspiring event will be hosted by one of the prestigious institutions in India, Jagran Lakecity University, and will explore the evolving landscape of higher education and also explore the crucial role of values in shaping and restructuring the future of learning and personal development through higher education development.

An array of distinguished individuals, renowned experts, scholars, and thought leaders from around the world will be present at this event, and they will be sharing their insights, research findings, and hands-on experiences on diverse issues facing humanity in this ever-changing world.

The focus will be on how to further strengthen collaborations within the academic community, and fortify engagements with the public and private sectors to: empower individuals to be better human beings, and hatch viable ways to share and implement successful initiatives that enhance the quality of the education system, etc.

The event updates will be available soon. For more information, do not hesitate to contact

The Secretariat through email: [email protected]

We anticipate your active participation in this event!

AUAP Secretariat