Join US! 2nd AUAP Students English Debate Competition

April 5-8, 2025, Bangkok & Ayutthaya, Thailand.


Subject Invitation 2 nd  AUAP Students English Debate Competition, April 5 - 8, 2025Bangkok, Thailand

We are delighted to announcement that the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific  ( AUAP )   in cooperation with the  Mater's Institute Development Academic and Seminary  ( MIDAS , and Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand will organize the 2 nd  AUAP Student English Debate Competition ( SEDC ) , on  April 5 - 8, 2025, in Bangkok, Thailand on four  ( 4 assigned  topics below   Debates have a rewarding impact on student's skills and overall personality development Such competitions mold student s opinions and views on various subjects, preparing them to face the world successfully and professionally   We encourage all students to participating in debating to experience these benefits and develop into responsible, articulate and potential leadership adults
1.      Is LGBT + inclusive sex education necessary in universities?

Are standardized tests effective in measuring a student s abilities?

 Is technology helping people become smarter or is it making them dumber?

  Can organic farming be a sustainable method of food production for the future?

The competition aims for contestants including the following .
·          Skill Development and Knowledge Enhancement

·          Improvement in Critical Thinking and Listening Skills

·          Confidence Building for Effective Public Speaking

·          Broadens One s Viewpoints and Knowledge

·          Improved Retention of Knowledge

·          Enhances Self - Expression and Self - Esteem

·          Develops Research Skills

·          Enhances Logical and Clear Thinking

·          Acquires Critical Life Skills

·          Key Skills Developed Through Debating

·          Prepare for Future Academic and Professional Success

·          Reasoning and Evidence

·          Engaging Expression

·          Organized Thought

·          Highlight the benefits of cooperation teamwork, comradeship, and cultural interconnection 

in daily lives
·          Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration and Wrapping Up

On behalf of the AUAP Secretariat, we cordially invite you to nominate contestants more than one  ( 1 team to participate in the 2 nd AUAP Students English Debate Competition  ( SEDC ).   Each team consists of three  ( 3 contestants and one  ( 1 Coach .   We welcome a total of thirty - two  ( 32 teams to join the event on a first - come, first - served basis .
We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and contributions to this exciting and enriching competition .
Registration Fees Per person 
( Fees include hotel, meals, pick up and send off to airport services, awards, certificate and tour, gifts )
Members USD$550

( Early Bird Until June 30 2024 )

Non Members $650

( Early Bird Until  June 30, 2024 )

Members USD$650

( July 1, 2024 - January 31 2025 )

Non Members $750

( July 1, 2024 - January 31 2025 )

 Prizes  ( Medal and Certificate )



Medal and Certificate

1 st  Runner Up 1



Medal and Certificate

2 nd  Runner Up 2



 Medal and Certificate

Best Public Speaking Males




Best Public Speaking Females




DEADLINE OF REGISTRATION : February 28, 2025 .
Apply to become AUAP Members : https :// auap . org / apply - for - membership
For more information please contact the Ms . Supaporn  Chuangchid, Executive Secretary AUAP through email:[email protected]