3rd AUAP Youth Development Program

 Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, on November 24-29, 2024 .

Warm Greetings from the AUAP Secretariat !

The   Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific   ( AUAP )   in   cooperation with   Master's Institute Development Academic and Seminary   ( MIDAS )  

and   Central Book , Philippines, will organize the 3rd AUAP Youth Development Program (YDP )  to be held in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, on November 24-29, 2024 .  

This annual program targets students who are interested to see their personal growth in an inclusive environment .   In addition, they will observe how student development can impact global issues .  

Students will learn the principles of how to promote healthy development (youth mentoring, positive mindset, strength building, and self - confidence /  development ).   Lectures and discussions will be conducted in English and cover topics such as cultural diversity, astronomy, intercultural communication, key problems in the global communities and to prepare themselves to face the real world working .

This program will also feature a variety of outdoor activities, to engage student leaders in student development projects, and provide the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of Thai culture .   Activities will also include an introduction to nature preservation, group presentations, and study tours at  Thai Catering  (Airline food production process),  Thai Airway Airlines Suvarnabhumi  Airport .

The registration deadline to participate in the 3rd AUAP - YDP is fast approaching, therefore, we encourage you to nominate students and faculty who are active, sincere, and responsible for this program .   Since the seats are limited, acceptance is based on first - come - first - served .

The deadline to register is on September 15, 2024.



For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat through email :   secretariat@auap . org


We look forward to welcoming your students & representatives to Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand   on November 24 .


AUAP Secretariat