LATEST NEWS -   December 14, 2023   

A Visual Journey through Dramatic Legacies

As part of the "Appreciation of Drama" course, a captivating Pictorial Presentation brightened the halls of the American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB). The event, organized by Farhat Tasannum Farah, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at AIUB, held on December 14, 2023.

Collaborating with two distinguished senior students from the department, a panel of judges was formed to evaluate the creative expressions of fellow students. The focal point of the event was seven groups, each consisting of 4-5 students, tasked with visually portraying the essence of specific theatrical genres through stunning posters.

The presentations offered a journey through diverse themes and epochs of dramatic history, showcasing the rich tapestry of dramatic evolution. From the intricate performances of Greek Theatre to the thought-provoking absurdity of modern plays, the exhibition illustrated the brilliance of various dramatic forms.